As India continues to fight the Coronavirus, the country’s key service providers have been working effortlessly to fight the pandemic and save lives.

Amongst these workers are Mumbai’s police force who have been keeping the city safe by staying out on the front line. However, this has resulted in the deaths of Head Constables Chandrakant Pendurkar and Sandip Surve who both died from the virus by risking their lives to save others.

This spurred international superstar Akshay Kumar into action, who has regularly been at the forefront of campaigns to help those affected by the Coronavirus in India.

The Sooryavanshi star, who has played a police officer in a number of blockbusters, has donated to Rs 2 crore (£212,624) to the Mumbai Police Foundation to show his gratitude to the men and women in the police force as well as pay tribute to its fallen officers.

Mumbai Police thanked Akshay Kumar on Twitter, which read:

Mumbai Police thanks @akshaykumar for contributing Rs 2 Crore to the Mumbai Police Foundation. Your contribution will go a long way in safeguarding the lives of those who are committed to safeguarding the city – the men and women of Mumbai Police! #MumbaiPoliceFoundation

In a heart-felt response, Akshay Kumar replied to the tweet, not only paying tribute but to also encourage others to donate to a worthy cause. His post said:

I salute @MumbaiPolice headconstables Chandrakant Pendurkar & Sandip Surve, who laid their lives fighting Corona. I have done my duty, I hope you will too. Let’s not forget we are safe and alive because of them

Akshay Kumar’s heroic efforts to raise awareness and promote positivity during one of the world’s darkest periods, has seen him become an inspiration for million. As well as this recent donation, Akshay Kumar also donated Rs 2.5 crore (£2.5 million) to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PM CARES FUND, while he also released the song Teri Mitti to honour those on the front line. He also hosted the virtual concert Sanjeet Setu, which brought together some of India’s biggest names to help the country’s efforts against the Coronavirus.

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